Found this and wow her results are pretty amazing. 

1:00 is where the vid really starts and 3:15 is when you see the after transformation.

Clinic is Item Plastic Surgery

Korean Plastic Surgery - Chin plant and Double eyelid surgery

Face Line Plastic Surgery

Korean plastic Surgery

BK Plastic surgery clinic

Korean plastic surgery 

Face Dental Clinic

y Korean Plastic surgery on Chinese patients 

Korean Plastic surgery on Chinese patients 

 Seohyun Plastic surgery

Basically this pic was being spread around of Seohyun’s double eyelids looking swollen and her whole face in general. In my opinion like others it looks like she recently had things done which would explain her face looking so bloated and her crease being so high for that short period, since it’s not tape.

Seo Yuri plastic surgeries

It seems like she had 2 double eyelid procedures, 2 nose jobs jaws shaving and chin implant aka Vline surgery. Also a boob job just didn’t post it.

Korean boob job/breast augmentation from request

Jo Min Young she admitted that she went from an A cup to a large C.

Korean Plastic Surgery